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Beauty is a series of diptychs and quadriptychs of Western and Asian women which addresses the shaping of identity through the manipulation of facial features. This series questions the definition of beauty in eastern and western contexts and the psychological impacts towards individual and collective identity.

"Rather than having the doubling effect serve simply as a 'before and after' testimonial, CYJO's Beauty begins to act as a collective composite, showing the multiple meanings and intentions that can form as individuals alter themselves in relation to a driving trend. As it does in passports or mug shots, the portrait links an individual to a set of material truths. However, it also identifies and documents, more globally, the relationship between the very definition of beauty and the deception inherent in shaping it. Changing trends and ideals skim the surface of modern life, but there is something deeper and more telling of our globalized society in the depths below. The depths are certainly palpable here in CYJO's treatment of complex beauty. Perhaps the biggest surprise lies in which version of versions of it we now would accept as ideal." - Conveyor {smoke + mirrors}

Beauty 01 - Eyelid Crease

Beauty 02 – Nose

Beauty 03 – Eye color

Beauty 01, 2010 © CYJO
Beauty 01, 2010 © CYJO
Beauty 01, 2010 © CYJO
Beauty 02, 2012 © CYJO
Beauty 02, 2012 © CYJO
Beauty 02, 2012 © CYJO
Beauty 03, 2015 © CYJO
Beauty 03, 2012 © CYJO
Beauty 03, 2012-2015 © CYJO

Liang Dian Design Museum, Beijing, Mass Metamorphosis, Curator Zara Arshad, 2012 

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