2010 - 2015

Blue Sky Day is a portrait of industrialization and climate change. This series encapsulates outdoor images of the sky and its air quality data from 34 months. Each monthly grid is laid out in a calendar grid structure, in consecutive order by day, creating accidents of color patterns. Each day portrait integrates air quality index data from daily readings at the bottom of the portrait.

The color palette of the sky was captured outdoors, in the same Chaoyang District location of Beijing where I resided. These color portraits correspond to their regional air quality readings gathered from the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China. "Blue Sky Days" have an AQI (Air Quality Index) of 100 or less. And daily AQI readings are calculated from several sets of air pollution data. 

Blue Sky Day initiates conversation from multiple angles. It analyzes how we interpret our relationship with color in nature and how color correlates with data, presenting its patterns and ironies. It's also a collective portrait of a developing country marking a time similar to the industrialization Europe and the US experienced from the 1700’s - 1900’s and similar to what other manufacturing cities experience today. With air quality impacts being felt in China, they have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in clean energy to power their future.

More urgently, Blue Sky Day examines global consumption and how it has contributed to our warming planet. A large percentage of harmful particulate matter floating in the air comes from manufacturing. This makes us question our unsustainable manufacturing habits and excessive consumption. Without sustainable change, communities will continue to experience more frequent and extreme environmental conditions like polluted skies, rising temperatures, rising waters, drying lands, and raging, forest fires, resulting in displaced communities around the globe. - CYJO

Blue Sky Day | December 2012 © CYJO 
Blue Sky Day | January 2013 © CYJO 
Blue Sky Day | December 2015 © CYJO 
Englarged Section of Grid Portrait for Detail
January 2013 Data
Blue Sky Day © CYJO 
Blue Sky Day © CYJO