The Creative Destruction

What Lies Beneath (2019) is a neo-noir video series capturing a raw, surveillance-like shot of a cruise ship rotating to complete a 180° Yaw (rotation) in PortMiami. In this continuous shot taken at night, an underwater hydrophone captures the noise produced by the ship’s rotation from its bow and stern thrusters (transversal propulsion devices). At times, the noise exceeded 180 decibels underwater. Human eardrums, for example, will rupture at 165 decibels. References to Serra’s Railroad Turnbridge, Godard’s Alphaville, and Debord’s Society of the Spectacle become apparent as What Lies Beneath investigates polarities between consumption and conservation, industrialization and nature.

What Lies Beneath 03 Video Clip, 2019 © The Creative Destruction
What Lies Beneath 01, 2019
What Lies Beneath 03 Premiere at Subtropics XXV Festival, 2021, Curator Gustavo Matamoros © The Creative Destruction