KYOPO | Multiplicity is a 60 minute performance that translates KYOPO (2004-2009) into a mixed media, multi-sensory experience, incorporating large scale projections, modern dance and composed music played by a live chamber orchestra. It investigates how culture and traditions survive, expand and evolve abroad.

Collaborators: CYJO, Dr. Anthony Paul De Ritus, Chair of Music at Northeastern University, Dr. Benoit Granier, Professor at The Beijing Central Conservatory of Music, Dana Tai Soon Burgess, founder of DTSB & Co and Chair of Theater and Dance at George Washington University. The performance launched at The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery's Portraits After 5 in May 2012.

KYOPO Multiplicity 2012 - The Smithsonian APAP 
KYOPO Multiplicity 2012, Rehearsal
KYOPO Multiplicity 2012, Before the Performance