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Quarantined is a photo documentary of some of the safety measures China took to prevent the spread of H2N1 in 2009. It documents a quarantined individual who flew from NYC to Beijing who sat 3 seats away from a passenger that had the H2N1 virus. Although, the quarantined individual was not infected, he was instructed to go through 7 days of quarantine to ensure that he wasn’t a carrier. Three meals and a temperature reading were provided daily, and the individual had to stay on hotel grounds for the entire week. Because there were no symptoms, he was released early after 6 days of Quarantine

Two perspectives were captured, the quarantined subject through the computer lens via Skype and the subject’s experiences sent via his iPhone. All images are showcased in the same size as the actual image displayed on the computer screen and iPhone.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Quarantined | Calendar  © CYJO 2009
Quarntined | Day 2 © CYJO 2009
Quarantined | Day 1  © CYJO 2009
Quarantied | Day 5  © CYJO 2009
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