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Artifact: an object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest

Artifact is a multimedia series (textile, video, sound, print), transforming the politicized mask of this pandemic into a collection of wearable pieces. While immersed in the production frenzy of making masks for friends and family when protective gear was in limited supply, I thought about the growing number of home sewers from across the globe, stepping up to make protective wear for their communities. Production sounds were recorded, mixed and mastered to capture the ascending and descending production of masks as the demand for homemade ones rose and fell. They are integrated into videos documenting the 8 pieces of the collection. Artifact memorializes the movement of home sewers who helped fulfill the surging demand of protective supplies when it was at its lowest. It pays homage to people across the globe who helped their communities during this pandemic however they could.

Soundtrack: thecreativedestruction

Cut: 1:01, Wind: 1:02, Iron: 3:02, Rip: 00:53, Sew: 3:44, Mark: 5:45 loop

Artifact 01 © CYJO
Artifact 03 © CYJO
Artifact 05 © CYJO
Artifact 07 © CYJO
Artifact 02 ©CYJO
Artifact 04 © CYJO
Artifact 06 © CYJO
Artifact 08 © CYJO
Artifact_Scale_Cropped_Sm copy.jpg
Artifact 03, Archival Digital Pigment Print  © CYJO
Artifact 03, 05 Video Monitor Installation © CYJO
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